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Colombo Industrie Tessili collaborates with Politecnico di Milano for "(R)evolving Beauties"


Colombo Industrie Tessili, a historic company founded in 1962 in the province of Como, has prompted an important collaboration with Politecnico di Milano to support the development of innovative and sustainable fashion.

Colombo Industrie Tessili is participating in the "(R)evolving Beauties" project to accompany the work of 51 students from the School of Design of the Politecnico di Milano who will graduate in Fashion Design. The participants in the project, which will end in July 2024, will present ten models and three garments as a first step. A first advance will be made in February 2024, while in July the students will have the final presentation of a collection drop composed of 35 models, 8 of which will be made with Colombo Industrie Tessili fabrics.



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