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The collaboration between Politecnico di Milano and Colombo Industrie Tessili for the "(R)EVOLVING BEAUTIES" project goes on


The (R)evolving Beauties project, launched by Colombo Industrie Tessili at the Politecnico di Milano campus in Bovisa, comes into full swing.
Colombo Industrie Tessili, as an excellence in the Italian textile industry, was involved by the University to accompany the work of 51 students from the School of Design of the Milan Polytechnic who will graduate in Fashion Design. The participants in the "(R)evolving Beauties" project, which will end in July 2024, presented 10 patterns and 3 garments as the first step.  Three months later, four students chosen by the Como-based company, Dalia El Hag, Mattia Pontiggia, Mattia Renesto and Giorgio Ripamonti, have given life to the first outfits made thanks to the constant collaboration and advice of Colombo Industrie Tessili. The company hosted them at its headquarters and supported them in selecting the best textile solutions for the design and making of the outfits.



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