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Giovanni Moroni winner of the 33rd edition of the CNA Federmoda National Competition for the Young Designers Fashion Carrer


Giovanni Moroni, graduating student of the Bachelor Degree Porgram in Fashion Design, was proclaimed the absolute winner of the 33rd edition of the CNA Federmoda Young Fashion Designers National Competition.
The final event of the competition promoted and organized by organized by CNA Federmoda since 1991, took place on Thursday, July 6 in the historic setting of the Domitian Stadium in Rome.
Giovanni Moroni, with styles belonging to the "The Gospel according to Judas" project, elaborated within the Fashion Design Final Synthesis Laboratory 2022-2023, won the Clothing Section Award and the Award for the Overall Winner of the Competition.
In the motivations we read "Satire is transformed into tailoring and innovative fabrics, for an irreverent reinterpretation of fashion".
“This award bears witness to an important recognition by an institution that promotes the skills of the fashion sector linked to creativity and know-how with respect to the quality of the training and design path that we develop with the Fashion Design Final Synthesis Laboratory which leads students to develop its own design identity using the tools and professional standards of the contemporary fashion system” underlines Prof. Chiara Colombi, coordinator of the Laboratory.
Congratulations to Giovanni Moroni for this success!

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