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17:00 / 05-05-2020

I martedì al Museo del Gioiello

Tuesdays at the Jewellery Museum is a webinar series, every Tuesday in May and June, with the nine curators of the rooms of Museo del Gioiello in Vicenza for a virtual journey to discover the semantic complexity of jewellery.
5th May // 17-18 // Jewellery and Future, O. Noronha
12th May // 17-18 // Jewellery and Design, A. Cappellieri and L. Tenuta
19th May // 17-18 // The Icons of Jewellery, G. and E. Pennisi
26th May // 17-18 // Functional Jewellery, M. Vidale
3rd June // 17-18 // Jewelry as a symbol, P. Lepeu
9th June // 17-18 // Jewellery and Fashion, C. Meroni
16th June // 17-18 // Art Jewellery, M. J. Van den Hout
23rd June // 17-18 // Jewellery and Beauty, P. di Carrobio

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