Few words to introduce the Fashion Design Degree at the Politecnico di Milano. First of all we do not offer an education as a  fashion “stylist" but as a fashion “designer”. That is not an artist, isolated in his own talent but a designer who is inspired and linked to the fashion system and its constraints.
The main elements that characterize and distinguish the “Politecnico” education in fashion come from the culture of the Italian design,the made in italy,  its connection with the fashion industries and its aim to combine tradition with innovation, crafts with technologies, heritage with progress, dreams with discipline. Therefore, the Fashion Design Degree at Politecnico offers an interdisciplinary approach to its students who can customize their education in fashion choosing from different areas of study:  from fashion products –menswear, womenswear, kidswear- to  jewelry and fashion accessories, from knitwear to sportswear, underwear and beachwear. From courses dedicated to the fashion products we are proud to offer also courses related to the fashion materials, technologies, processes, comunication and services as fashion studies, fashion management, innovative  materials, digital technologies, 3d, retail, visual merchandising, market and sales processes, image and communication. A comprehensive and fascinating degree that gives expertise and an easy job placement.”

prof. Alba Cappellieri, ph.D. , Fashion Design Degree, Head