The Italian company Candiani Denim attends the Global Denim Awards with a collection arose from the collaboration with Lavinia Mustapha, just graduated in Fashion Design at Politecnico di Milano. Sustainable fabrics, non-water treatments, laser technologies and old looms crafted canvas are some of the elements that characterize the groundbreaking project.


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Brace is born from the collaboration between FGP, leader company in the sector of sensors, and the students of Smart Corset Workshop. Brace is an innovative corset to wear and to show, which combines new technologies to wearability in sports. This hi-tech brace detects movements of the spine and records the body's posture, moreover is able to signal the level of stress and in case of need, diagnoses critical states of the body and sends datas directly to the doctor. This modular corset guarantees safety and comfort to the wearer. When movement becomes freedom.


Workshop dedicated to design a bag through the use of precious elements. The workshop, both in english and italian, will be followed by Sodini Bijoux, a leader in the industry, in collaboration with Alan della Noce, key person in the accessories field.
Meltin' Pot, under the supervision of Professor Martina Glomb from Hannover, will follow the students throughout an international workshop in english dedicated to sustainability. The final aim, creating a sustainable design through the use of denim.
The aim of this workshop, led by Professor Lee Harding from Birmingham, is to create a knitwear design that will be the fusion between traditional techniques and the use of a revolutionary material such as jersey. Classes will be offered in both italian and english.
Rita Airaghi, director of Fondazione Gianfranco Ferrè, will follow the students on a journey of tradition, innovation and experimentation, whose aim is the realization of a shirt inspired by the idea of journey.
Workshop in english, cured by the company FGP and Professor Marina Toeters from Eindowen, "Smart corset" has as main purpose the integration of sensor and new technologies in a fashion garment like the traditional corset. Function meets aesthetics and fashion becomes useful.

The theme for the 2016 Next Jeneration, competition dedicated to idea of young talents under 30, is the project of a jewel dedicated to travel. Travel can be a theme of inspiration, a narrative metaphor, a geography or a production process. Participants must design a piece of contemporary jewellery able to convey the essence of the theme. "Jewel and Travel" is the interpretation of the jewel as a journey, the travel of the jewel or a jewel for traveling. Do not miss this opportunity!